Feedbeo is simplest feedback solution for all companies

Feedbeo is monthly retrospective feedback tool for teams.
Pulse-check surveys for improving team experience.

How It Works

1. Feedbeo sends a short survey by e-mail each month or each quarter to all employees.

2. They can answer it within a week and Feedbeo then sends final overview to managers.

3. Responses are compared with previous results, so you will know if you are doing better or worse.

That’s all, it’s simple but very effective!

Our unique TX Methodology was created for the regular measuring and benchmarking the most important Team KPIs:
  • Team Satisfaction ScoreTM 1 - 10
  • Team Development ScoreTM 1 - 10
  • Team Relationships ScoreTM 1 - 10
  • Team Leadership ScoreTM 1 - 10

How are we different?

Easy to create & even easier to complete
  • possibility to create custom forms and send them at any time
  • short survey with sophisticated questions
  • PC/Mobile optimized with lovely UX & design
  • automated reports on your email
  • fast setup and onboarding
  • high survey fill rate
Stop using long & complicated employee satisfaction survey or mostly hated 360 feedback tool and try to use our smart & popular tool

Feedbeo is used by teams from various departments


from the small companies to the biggest enterprises